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UK Pallet Distribution

Our comprehensive range of pallet sizes and UK pallet distribution service options make it just as easy to ship freight across the UK or across the globe. 4S Distribution; together with our partners, make regular deliveries and collections domestically every day.

how it works

UK Pallet Distribution Steps

Select the right size(s) from the illustration above.


Pick from the various service options available:

  • Tail-Lift Service (Free of Charge)
  • Timed Booking
  • Economy Booking (Free of Charge)
  • AM/PM Booking
  • 24 Hour Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery by 10 am
  • 48 – 72 Hour Delivery
  • Saturday AM Delivery
  • POD Download
  • Consignment Tracking

Confirm your consignment via our online platform.


Prepare your consignment for collection.

TIP: At two metres tall, you can fit more into our half pallets than most distributors. This means tall, light freight can be shipped through our network at a fraction of the standard rate.

Service Promise

4S Distribution and our partners are committed to fast, efficient UK pallet distribution service. Our hundreds of network members transport goods across extended service hours to ensure your goods arrive on time. Our central distribution hub uses patented technology to quickly scan and weigh each UK pallet distribution consignment.

Lastly, we employ advanced tracking software to monitor your goods at each stage of its UK pallet distribution journey. We’ll regularly communicate status updates for outstanding peace of mind.

UK Pallet Distribution